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Our mission is to deliver the highest quality products to our customers, but we also want to provide them with a wide range of flexible and fast solutions and services that exceed their expectations.


One of our key elements is production flexibility. The ability to react quickly to specific customer requirements and to adapt production processes according to needs is a matter of course for us. In this way, we offer high quality products, but also maintain the ability to adapt to rapidly changing market trends.

Thanks to our own fleet, we have full control over the deliveries. We ensure fast and efficient delivery of products to customers while minimising the risk associated with external transport.

We offer our customers the possibility of delivering the material from the supplier directly to us. This service facilitates logistics for customers, and also enables faster and more efficient order processing.

Well-trained employees are the heart and soul of our company. The expert team has the knowledge and skills needed to provide quality products, but also the flexibility to respond to customer needs, communicate with each other and resolve any problems. Our team of professionals is ready to provide prompt and efficient support in case of complications.

With investments in the latest technology and the purchase of modern machinery, we are committed to providing high quality products. We are expanding our ranks not only with technical improvements, but also by recruiting new, qualified employees.

All important updates and news can be found in the NEWS section, which acts as a hub for sharing information and maintaining transparency of all progress and changes within the company.

In line with our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, we have implemented a number of environmental initiatives. Our company uses photovoltaic panels to generate green energy, thus reducing our carbon footprint and saving our customers' wallets. We are consistent in our use of chemicals in pipe manufacturing. The oils that are used in production are closed-loop, so we minimize the risk of spills of these substances and reduce the negative impact on land and water. After use, these chemicals are safely and environmentally treated by a specialist company.

1CSC delivers not only quality products and services, but also comprehensive solutions that reflect today's customer needs and expectations.